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ZYNVIT is a biocomputing company that, through the implementation of a neuroscientific model, creates "Synaptic Anchors" to build "Platform Brains" from which everything that will exist is gestated. We base ourselves on academic techno-scientific research to predict which creations, tools and uses that do not yet exist are in the development stage, covering areas such as Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Cognotechnology (NIBC), Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, as well as the disruptions resulting from the synergy between these.
ZYNVIT's predictions help Generation Z decide with knowledge about their professional future, selecting careers with greater growth and impact potential. Discover emerging fields with potential for business creation, anticipating market needs by aligning their training with the professions of the future.

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Need Declaration

Technological unemployment is the general problem with the most significant impact that all humanity must to worry about, added to counteracting the birth of companies that emerge with the defective gene of early obsolescence.

The transformation of productive activities has less adaptation time, and workers may face a lack of required skills. To survive unemployment, professional obsolescence, and premature business failure, we must reduce the technological knowledge gap.


  • Engage Generation Z in productive and creative learning.

  • Promote a culture of veneration for knowledge and innovators to drive development.

We propose to expose members of Generation Z to productive learning and transformative and valuable knowledge as a guide to civilization, which is an instrument for creation.

Promoting a universal culture of valuing knowledge and its exponents is necessary because only a large mass of young people who want to undertake business from the reference of the universal market is where the centers of innovation and economic, social, educational, and industrial growth are.

The transformation of productive activities in a shorter adaptation period can confront workers lacking the required skills. To survive unemployment, professional obsolescence, and premature business failure, we must reduce the gap in technological knowledge.


One of the primary keys to growth is knowledge, especially that which is transmitted with meaning and oriented to the production of knowledge, technological tools, other goods, or services.

In the knowledge economy of the 21st century, countries motivated by building the future and motivated by pragmatism create the most sophisticated products.

If we know that 47% of current jobs will disappear in the next 10 years, then the vocational orientation of members of Generation Z makes sense.


The proposal is to incorporate and promote a method based on the biological processes underlying learning, which facilitates access to studies on creative sciences, disruptive technologies, and financial knowledge during adolescence and early adulthood, allowing people to get right about constructing their professional trajectories.

This will be achieved by developing an ecosystem where universities, industries, and all those involved in the wealth creation process converge.

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