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Content strategy with videos, podcasts on technological developments, and techno- scientific synergism

Content strategy with each of the NIBC, AI & Robotics, all these as general-purpose technologies, we quote a few examples out of thousands:


It is the manipulation of matter on the nanometer scale, which is equivalent to 1000 millionth of one meter, part of 1/1000,000. At the nanoscale, where laws of physics manifest themselves differently, in general terms, nanomaterials are characterized by having components with at least one dimension between 1 and 100 nanometers; these have unique properties, unlike conventional materials.


Windows and Screens Converted into Photoelectric Power Plants
Paper and High Energy Batteries
Wireless Transmission of Electricity, Resonant Magnetic Fields
Wireless Energy Through Ultrasound
Electronic Ink
Energetically Autonomous Devices
Natural Nanotubes
Photonic Crystals



Overcoming Molecular Degradation
Messengers and Receivers of Medicine
Medical Goods
Quantum Dots as a Diagnostic Tool
Nanoshells, Therapy Tools


It deals with sophisticated navigation tools for searching, reviewing, and processing information in digital format.

Its use has spread to all areas of society and is part of the primary culture of current generations as an essential element of social life.


From Electron to Electronics
Universe of Miniaturization
Mega Data Storage
Data Storage in DNA
Canticle Calculations
Transmission by Light Sources
Overflight Connection
Universal Web, The Great Challenge of a Physicist
Digital Traces
Machines That Talk to Each Other
Machines that Think
Data Science
A Socioscope
Big Data, the Oil of the 21st Century
Sensors Inside and Outside the Body
The Genome in the Cloud


It is a multidisciplinary area applied in medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, food sciences, and forestry sciences. This results in improved medicines, more productive crops, even more resistant materials, and replication of the functioning of other living beings.

Biotechnological Restructuring, High Precision Genome Editing
Uses of Genome Editing
Fight Obesity
Slow Aging
Human Spare Parts Factory


Wireless Bionics
Wireless Bionics
Wireless Bionics
Wireless Bionics
Wireless Bionics
Browsing the Internet only with Thought
Understanding and Repairing the Brain
The Human Connectome
Connective Disorders Solution



Gecko Foot Adhesiveness
Ultra-resistant Abalones and Eels
Bacteria-Making Viruses
Trees that Generate Electricity and Prevent Fires
The Eye of the Starfish and the Optical Network of the Sponge
Diatoms Precursors of Silicon Chips

It is one of the four technologies with disruptive potential resulting from applying knowledge derived from Neuroscience to modify or replicate the brain's functioning and, therefore, act on the mind.


Cerebromorphic Artificial Intelligence

Replicable Synaptic Activity
Uses of Genomic Editing
Brain Subsunctors
Synaptic Pruning
Computational Neuroscience
Evolution of the Human Brain
Brain Platform, retro-engineering
Cerebrotronic Artificial Consciousness

Artificial Intelligence

It is comprised of the processes developed with the purpose of creating machines that present the same capabilities of understanding, information processing and consciousness as human beings.

Non-Cerebromorphic AI

Symbolic Logic
Expert System
Genetic Algorithms
Bayesian Networks
Intelligent Agents


Economics of Artificial Intelligence
More Powerful Hardware
Growth of the Data Economy
Talent Demand
Commercial Implementation
Uses and Expansion
Business Adoption
True Financial Intelligence
Robotics & Automation
Robotic Intelligence


It is the most synergistic of the sciences to date; it brings together mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, computer science, algebra, and animatronics, dealing with the design, construction, operation, structure, manufacturing, and uses of robots.

Applications of Robotic Synergism

Invisible Technologies
Anthropomorphic Robots
Robotic Vehicles
Medical Robots and Nurses
Robotic Interaction
Machines with Emotions
Electric and Foldable Vehicles
Ultrasmall Vehicles
From Electric to Electronic Vehicles
Scooter theft
Regenerative Energy Braking
Cars Connected to the Internet and Data Networks
MIT's Fantastic Vehicle
Electricity Management Vehicles


It consists of the idea that human history is approaching a "singularity", according to which humans will one day be surpassed by artificially intelligent machines, cognitively enhanced biological intelligence, or both.

Technology creates technology. As new ones are invented, they become powerful platforms that allow us to create more sophisticated ones in less time.

We are in the century of interdisciplinarity. For the first time in the history of humanity, we are in a technological singularity that refers to the technical process of such acceleration and magnitude that will make the inhabitants of the planet superhumans of immense collective intelligence. This will lead us to the machine’s superintelligence,
which will be far superior to what superhumans possess.

Expressions of Enhanced Intelligence

From Artificial Intelligence to Superintelligence
Feasibility of Machine Superintelligence
Complex Adaptive Systems
Expressions of Collective Intelligencev
Internet a Collective Intelligence Platform
The Mysterious Behavior of Animals in Groups
The Majestic Dance of the Bees
Ant Logic
Group Power
Superorganism Metaphor
Analogy of Superorganisms to Human Beings
Complex Patterns and Self-Organization
Hybrid Man Machine
Distributed Super Intelligence
Overcoming the Superintelligent Internet
Singularity Scenarios

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